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Association of

"To Serve and Not To Be Served"

Our Mission Statement

The West Virginia Association of Retired School Employees shall promote the professional, economic, intellectual, and social well-being of its members, and shall encourage volunteer opportunities throughout West Virginia.

Our Objectives

  • To promote the economic, social and professional status of all retired school employees;
  • To provide an opportunity for expression and interchange of opinions on subjects and issues of special interest to retired school employees;
  • To act on behalf of retired school employees on problems involving their welfare and personal needs;
  • To work for state and federal legislation to improve retirement living for members of the Association and other citizens;
  • To aid in the strengthening of county associations of retired school employees;
  • To develop a cooperative and unified program of activities among retired school employees at the state, regional and county levels;
  • To support other organizations in their efforts to advance education;
  • To promote membership in the National Retired Teachers division of the American   Association of Retired Persons' Legislative program..

With your help, we can serve others, increase volunteer hours, continue to help children and youth, support each other, increase membership, keep informed, choose insurance options, choose to cruise and to obtain an automatic annual cost of living adjustment (COLA).

We also have special partnership programs such as TRIAD, With Our Youth, West Virginia Read Aloud, and AARP/NRTA.