Message from the President


     Issues relating to COVID 19 have had a major impact on each of us. The way we go about our “normal” lives has been altered and adjusted, sometimes quite dramatically. Recreation activities, shopping tasks, dining out, visiting family or friends, how we worship, and countless other activities have been affected by this virus.

     We have not been immune from this virus as an organization. Our regular face-to-face county meetings have not been able to happen. Our regional and state meetings have had to be canceled. Let me assure each of you that despite this major obstacle, the West Virginia Association of Retired School Employees is still alive and functioning.

     Our methodology for meetings and maintaining communication has been adjusted to keep our organization functioning. The WVARSE board and I have utilized available technology to meet and communicate on several occasions. Conference calls, emails, and Zoom meetings have proven extremely useful tools in our tool kit. Our board meetings have all been conducted via Zoom. Our Executive Director has been very helpful in getting these set up for us – Thank you, Bill. 

      Considering my age and life position, I have tried to enter the twenty-first century with its “modern technology.” While this seems like such an easy task for our children and grandchildren, it hasn’t been so for me. I am, however, grateful that it is available for our utilization, even with some trepidation. 

      Due to the continued concerns with the COVID 19, we will not be having our Leadership Conference originally scheduled for May 2021.

Our Regional Meetings schedule on various dates in June 2021 will not be held this year. We are hopeful that the situation may improve by late summer. If this does occur, it may be possible to have at least a modified version of our Annual Council at Flatwoods, West Virginia. 

      Get vaccinated. Stay safe. I hope we will be able to meet face-to-face very soon. 

Irvin Scarberry


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