Top 10 Reasons to Join WVARSE

To meet former and new friends!
• To hear informative and entertaining programs!
• To receive timely retirement information!
• To keep insurance premiums down and benefits up!
• To obtain quality supplementary insurance plans at reasonable rates!
• To travel with members at group rates!
• To provide scholarships to future teachers!
• To help maintain and increase pensions!
• To promote equal state benefits!
• To obtain a Cost of Living Allowance increase (COLA)!

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-Working for you
-Voicing your needs
-Advancing your benefits
-Reporting your legislative news
-Serving your community
-Expressing your concerns

In 10 years your buying power will be reduced by 30% without an inflation adjustment to your pension. In 20 years, the reduction will be 60%. Help WVARSE work to get you a COLA.

-With Our Youth! Promising New Opportunities
-West Virginia Read Aloud

-We Can Serve
-We Can Increase Volunteer Hours
-We Can Continue to Help Children and Youth
-We Can Support Each Other
-We Can Increase Membership
-We Can Keep Informed
-We Can Choose to Cruise
-We Can Obtain a COLA