WVARSE, recognizing the need to train future teachers with a dedication to learning and academic achievement promotes a STUDENT TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. This scholarship is open to students in West Virginia colleges who have successfully completed their preparation for student teaching and have been recommended by their colleges for formal student teaching in an elementary or secondary public school in West Virginia.

The application for this scholarship may be downloaded from this website.

The following rules must be observed.

1. Applicants for this scholarship must be (1) a resident of West Virginia, (2) a graduate of a
West Virginia public high school, (3) a student enrolled in a West Virginia college/university,
(4) a future teacher planning to teach in West Virginia.

2. All requirements listed on the checklist must be word processed unless noted differently
on the checklist. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.

3. All sections of the application form must be completed. Failure to complete any section will result in disqualification.

4. No application will be accepted without the endorsement of the Teacher Education Director
or his/her designee. No electronic signatures accepted.

5. All persons making recommendations must personally sign the recommendation. Any submitted without a signature or with electronic signature will be disqualified.

6. Use standard 8 1/2 x 11 size paper and printed on front side only for all pages included with the application.

7. No application will be accepted without the most current transcript attached.

8. The post mark date will determine if the application is reviewed by the committee.

9. Applicants must attach a photograph (no larger than 3 x 5) to the front of the application. Scanned photographs will not be accepted.


The WVARSE Scholarship Committee will select the recipients of the scholarship.
The selection will be based on completeness of the application, adherence to the rules
established, application date and post mark date, recommendations, personal qualities, experiences, honors listed, and a true autobiography that reveals more than why applicant decided to become a teacher.

To Serve and Not to Be Served

Scholarship Application 2019

Checklist 2019